Structural change to enable different hw

  • Johan Larsby

    Johan Larsby - 2008-08-21

    I've created a hw setup without the shield and I'm slowly changing the structure of the firmware to accomodate that. Could this possibly be something that might be incorporated here?

    • Julien Bayle

      Julien Bayle - 2008-08-22


      I don't have this shield too, but I use this code.
      I'd like to know about your firmware structure accomodation.

      I'll work this weekend on rgb implementation protocol.

      • Johan Larsby

        Johan Larsby - 2008-08-22

        Hi there julien.

        As I se it there are a few very distinctive areas to the code:

        LED/Display : This part is responsible for displaying the data on screen.
        Button : Responsible for input
        Protocol : responsible for talking to the computer
        main : setting all up and keeping the main loop running.

        This is how I'm modifying it. If one uses #defines in main you could add code for a lot of different HW setups, the unsped-shield, your RGB modifications and my 595multiplexer.

        Also, if you have these parts as modules, you could implement monome-applications on the arduino and not have it connected to a computer (yes, indeed, my ardunome has a midi-port :) so that is one more part that you could use :)

        I have test-code done for above for just testing my hw, i'd love to share it with you if you like!


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