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my arduinome project

  • hank

    hank - 2008-09-30

    hi guys

    i am making my first arduinome project for a school project. which is a double edged sword since its something i want to do, but i get graded on it.

    i just wanted to drop a line and say hi before i started sending a barrage of questions.


    • hank

      hank - 2008-09-30

      however my first question is kinda important. seeing as im a college student and trying to limit how much money i spend.

      Is it possible to do a 4x4 arduinome? just leaving the extra connections unconnected?

      I mean logically i would think i could. it be just like if no switches are thrown and no LED's are turned on right? just a giant 0 digitally.

      i know that starting with a 4x4 and then trying to convert it to an 8x8 later is going to be a huge hassle with desoldering and resoldering but ill cross that bridge when i get there. getting it working so i get a grade is more important at this point.



      • Johan Larsby

        Johan Larsby - 2008-09-30

        I do think it is possible to do it like you suggest. But If the buttons are the big part of your budget, perhaps there is another way to add monomebuttons? I think there was a tutorial on how to mold them yourself on the site.

      • Ben Southall

        Ben Southall - 2008-09-30


        I think that making a 4x4 with the arduinome firmware and circuitry should work OK as you describe. I'm not even sure there would need to be all that much re-soldering if/when you decide to move to an 8x8, possibly just on the 'swt_ground' side of things.


    • hank

      hank - 2008-10-01

      thanks alot guys. ill keep you posted on my progress.

    • hank

      hank - 2008-10-04

      alright got it working(sorta) but with a few problems.

      1. the rows are in the wrong spot. it starts on row 4 instead of one. i have my cable orientation down. i tried the other but it just put it in different places. using a cable orientation of up puts my rows in the right spot, but my collumn at 4. i also tried swapping where the pins on the 165 were but the rows stayed in the same place. which seemed odd.

      2. When i depress a button instead of triggering the button it triggers the entire row.

      3. im getting a TON of noise. like ill be just sitting in my chair not moving. and it will register button presses.

      also how neccessary are the .1 uF capacitors? i couldnt find mine so i just build it without them.

      thank you guys for your help!



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