#34 test_archivemail fails on Python 2.3.4


# python -V
Python 2.3.4
# python test_archivemail
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "test_archivemail", line 1285, in ?
class TestArchiveMailboxdir(TestCaseInTempdir):
File "test_archivemail", line 1290, in TestArchiveMailboxdir
remaining_msg = set() # Filenames of maildir messages that should be preserved
NameError: name 'set' is not defined

Quick search with google reveals "set" is new in Python 2.4.
test_archivemail also uses Python 2.4 functions such as sort().


  • apptaro

    apptaro - 2011-07-13

    Test with archivemail 0.9.0.

  • apptaro

    apptaro - 2011-07-13

    Even though test_archivemail fails, archivemail itself seems to work fine with Python 2.3.4.

  • Nikolaus Schulz

    Nikolaus Schulz - 2011-07-13

    Good catch.

    I am, however, not very tempted to do much porting work in order to support python 2.3. I have been pretty reluctant to use features which require newer python versions, and to be honest, the set() and sorted() stuff just slipped through. But these days, python 2.3 is really ancient.
    Even Debian dropped support for python 2.3 with Lenny. :)

    Bumping the version check looks like the right thing to do.

  • Nikolaus Schulz

    Nikolaus Schulz - 2011-07-13
    • assigned_to: nobody --> nikosch
  • Nikolaus Schulz

    Nikolaus Schulz - 2012-11-04
    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix
  • Nikolaus Schulz

    Nikolaus Schulz - 2012-11-04

    I just committed a patch that makes the test suite explicitly require python >= 2.4.


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