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Archimede 2 SVN

Archimede 2 is know available under SVN.

Posted by Rida Benjelloun 2006-11-01

New release archimede 2.0.0

The Archimede 2.0.0 distribution is known available. Please read INSTALL.txt located in the directory distribution.

Posted by Rida Benjelloun 2006-10-17

Important (Third) Milestone of Archimede 2 !

This a very important milestone towards the final release of Archimede 2. Most features are now completed. Release candidates are just around the corner.
Many news features have been added. Review the release notes for more details.
Please submit any bugs/comments/suggestions you have.

Posted by Nicolas Bélisle 2006-04-19

Second preview version of Archimede 2

This version adds support for Web-Dav and Dublin Core metadata. Documents and collections can be created copied, cut, pasted and deleted.

Please see the release notes for more details.

Posted by Nicolas Bélisle 2006-03-16

First preview release of Archimede 2

The Archimede Team is pleased to annonce the availability of the first preview release of Archimede 2. You can find more details about what's coming next for the application at our Home Page.
Please read the release notes before downloading.

Posted by Nicolas Bélisle 2006-02-08

New version 0.8

Archimede is now available in Finnish langage ! Thanks to the contribution of Irma Pasanen from the Helsinki University of Technology Library

Posted by Rida Benjelloun 2005-10-14

Archimede 2 progress

Work is underway for the anticipated next version of Archimede.

Here's a list of the new features :
An easy-to-use migration utility will be also be available for all our current users.

You comments/suggestions are welcomed. You can submit them in the forums.

Posted by Nicolas Bélisle 2005-09-12

New Version 0.7.9

Updates the LIUS search engine. Solves a bug with date fields.

Posted by Nicolas Bélisle 2005-09-09

New Standalone version !

Archimede is now available in standalone version. No installation/configuration is necessary to
testdrive it. One click gets you started !

Requirement : Java Development Kit 1.4+

1. Unzip in your favorite folder
2. click on start.bat (Windows) or (Unix)
3. log on to http://localhost:8080/archimede

A default account (admin/admin) is available.

Note: Some anti-virus software (VirusScan is one) might block Archimede from sending emails to its users.
Althought that feature is not essential, you can temporaly deactivate your antivirus to allow it.... read more

Posted by Nicolas Bélisle 2005-06-09

We've got a new home page !

Archimedes now has a new Web page entirely dedicated to the project. You will find much more documentation on this site.

Posted by Allen E. Whittom 2004-10-13

Version 0.7 released !

This is the first public release towards 1.0. Step-by-step installation instructions are included in the distribution. Please report any bugs to the forums.

Posted by Nicolas Bélisle 2004-08-23

ARCHIMEDE : A canadian software solution for institutional r

Laval University Library recently launched the third component of its institutional repository. Called Archimede ( , this component covers e-prints, pre-prints, post-prints and other research publications from faculty members and research communities.

Posted by Nicolas Bélisle 2004-06-28