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LotusCMS Fraise 3.0 Series Launch

LotusCMS Fraise 3.0 Series stable is launching this Thursday morning (GMT)!

It is completely rewritten to php Object-Oriented standards and includes an observable plugin framework. It has much of what the previous version has lacked.

An advanced caching system has allowed us to get a 3 times speed increase on the 1.5 version of LotusCMS.

For more information visit: http://forum.lotuscms.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=66

Posted by Cryptosoft 2010-08-03

LotusCMS 2.0 Alpha Unstable

The first version of rewritten LotusCMS 2.0 Alpha (unstable) has been released for public testing at the offical LotusCMS forums. Post link below:

Posted by Cryptosoft 2009-10-01

LotusCMS 1.5 RC1 - Version 2.0

I would like to apologize for the delay of LotusCMS 1.5 RC 1 with all it's new features such as commenting system, multiple user login and improved administration user interface (aswell as an impossible amount of could cleanup, also a move to becoming class based). Version 1.5 RC 1 has been renamed version 2.0 RC1 because of the amount of new features.

Posted by Cryptosoft 2009-06-18

LotusCMS - flat file CMS - RC1

LotusCMS RC1, a simple, design centred, WYSIWYG and flat file CMS. Version RC1 is due to be release within the next 48 hours. [*] Improved administration coding design (No Visual Differences).
[*] Sort Pages Alphabetically or by Date created.
[*] Ability to move menu items up and down.
[*] Possibility in Settings to easily add Templates by uploading and then entering template name.

Posted by Cryptosoft 2009-06-11

ArboroianCMS Rebranded to LotusCMS

The flat-file ArboroianCMS has been rebranded to LotusCMS and has got a new domain http://www.lotuscms.org. LotusCMS brings design and ease of use to the small flat-file Content Management Niché.
Latest Release available at http://sourceforge.net/projects/arboroiancms/

Posted by Cryptosoft 2009-06-06

ArboroianCMS flat file CMS - Latest Release

The Latest Release (1.5 A) of the flat-file (Uses No database) ArboroianCMS, is now available for download at SF.net. Started in 2007 the project has advanced considerably within the last few weeks. It contains WYSIWYG editor, administration, advanced authentication, very easy templating (ANY (x)html page can easily be integrated for use) and a basic plugin system.

Posted by Cryptosoft 2009-06-02

New Website and News Page

A new website has been created, including a news page, which will be updated http://www.arboroia.com/cmsproject/index.php?page=news . A new development diary has been created in which developers write about the experiences of writing the software http://www.arboroia.com/cmsproject/index.php?page=developer_diary .

Posted by Cryptosoft 2008-09-01