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Arboratrix 2.0.0-pre20 released

Arboratrix 2.0.0-pre20 has been released. Arboratrix is a click-drag-and-drop graphical environment to create and maintain parse trees as XML or as LaTeX.

Posted by Mikel L. Forcada 2007-01-17

Arboratrix available from project CVS

A partially-functional version of the graphical parse-tree editor Arboratrix ( has been made available through the project's CVS. We plan to release a package in the following weeks, once some of the bugs have been fixed.

After the usual bootstrap-configure-make procedure, you should be able to execute arboratrix-debug.

Arboratrix makes it easy to build parse trees: read in a sentence or group of sentences, define the constituents you need, drag them into the canvas, and you are ready to drag-and-drop
words and any subtrees onto existing constituents to build new subtrees. The set of parsed sentences may then be saved as an XML file or exported to LaTeX.... read more

Posted by Mikel L. Forcada 2006-10-17