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Now a Rails app.


I'm movingthe arbiter server over to Rails.

This partly reflects my increasing involvement in Ruby, but is also motivated by the ready availability of a framework and developers to take care of the routine web stuff.

I also get to learn Rails.

yours, Marcus

Posted by Marcus Baker 2007-03-11

Developer purge


Sorry for the drastic actions, but contacting everyone was going to be a bit much.

I've deleted all developers form this project as the project is being recast as a Rails app. and it was completely inactive. It will still generate PHP tests, but the underlying server will be ruby.

If you still want to work on this project, mail me and I'll re-add you straight away.

yours, Marcus

Posted by Marcus Baker 2007-03-11

Iteration 3 released

This is a developer only snapshot.

Posted by Marcus Baker 2005-04-06

Developer only snapshot released

The monthly tarball has beenreleased. This is not in any way a functional product. It's just there to bootstrap the project management.

Posted by Marcus Baker 2004-10-13

Arbiter developer sign up

If you are a developer please sign up to the devel mailing list straight away. That's where most of the communication will take place.

Posted by Marcus Baker 2004-09-12