OBJ uv mapped tree export would be great

  • padawan

    padawan - 2005-01-14

    I am very happy with Arbaro already.

    As I have seen in the change log that UVs get exported in POV format, may I assume there's the possibility of Arbaro achieving uv export for OBJ exported files?

    It would absolutely rock :)

    • noelr

      noelr - 2005-02-20

      I done a rough and ready modification that does this.
      What is the preferred way to submit it ?
      Do you want the changed files or a diff (might be tricky though, as the CVS is empty) ?

    • Wolfram Diestel

      Wolfram Diestel - 2005-02-24

      uv support for OBJ format is in version 1.9.4 now

    • grisha_spivak

      grisha_spivak - 2005-07-11

      Is there a switch for command-line version?

    • sonicviz

      sonicviz - 2005-08-04

      Great program.

      What about normals export for .obj format?

      Will this be enabled soon?



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