i've updated Arbaro's DXF exporter

jon K.
  • jon K.

    jon K. - 2008-04-05

    I've updated Arbaro's DXF exporter to make it far more usable by using "instancing" for the leaves,   4 leaves are created, and then reused for the rest of the tree.

    which also increased the speed by about 10 times.

    however i can not figure out how to upload the new files here in this project yet...   any suggestions would be appreciated.


    • Moritz Moeller

      Moritz Moeller - 2008-05-13

      You need to create a user account for yourself (register) at Sourceforge. Then mail the administrator of Arbaro and ask him to make you a developer of this project. Finally, SVN developer write access needs to be enabled for thsi project. Then you can just check in your changes via SVN.


    • CurtJ

      CurtJ - 2008-06-05

      Hi Jonkai.

      Your update sounds like an excellent addition to an already great bit of software - have you managed to get anywhere with uploading it yet?.. If not, I might be able to host it if it doesn't cause any problems with the original author


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