Quads ?

  • ivanlouette

    ivanlouette - 2006-11-01

    Hello ! Nice work done with this program !!!

    Is it possible to export quads instead of triangles, and where could I find the choice in the gui ? That's because I most often work with subdivision surfaces and I would be able to properly refine arbaro's trees in the organic modelers I use (Silo and Wings).

    Thanks and kindly,


    • Wolfram Diestel

      Wolfram Diestel - 2006-11-10

      Next week I will release a new version which uses
      quads by default for OBJ export.

      • ivanlouette

        ivanlouette - 2006-11-11

        That's fantastic news !!! A lot of thanks for your hard work !!! Sorry for replying so late ;-)


      • ivanlouette

        ivanlouette - 2006-11-18

        Thanks a lot !!! It works perfectly !!!

        kind regards,


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