#37 can't build Aranym 0.9.15 for OpenBSD


I can't build Aranym 0.9.15 for OpenBSD, unless I make a few small changes to the source code. I attached a diff of my changes.

  • src/Unix/sysdeps.h: Remove the OS_openbsd part (missing sys/statvfs.h), and simply include the headers found by configure script.
  • src/cdrom.cpp: OpenBSD needs to include sys/dkio.h to get DIOCGDINFO. (OpenBSD only. FreeBSD doesn't have sys/dkio.h, and NetBSD already includes sys/dkio.h from sys/ioctl.h.)
  • configure.ac: Test must include sys/param.h before sys/mount.h.
  • Makefile.in: The doc/aranym*.1 files are in $(top_srcdir). I did an out-of-source build, and "gmake install" had an error from not finding those files.

For now, I can get into EmuTOS. I hope to have more fun with this emulator, but it must wait until I find time to install things Atari-side.

Aranym's website mentions an aranym-users list, but the link to list seems to be broken. This is why I reported bug at Sourceforge, but didn't contact mailing list.

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