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Papers page added to website

A new page about research papers describing AQuoSA, as well as just using it, has been added to the website. Only a few are mentioned at the moment, however more are expected to come. Check out the new page at the URL:

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2009-11-25

AQuoSA publications page updated

The publications page of the AQuoSA page has been updated so as to reflect more recently published research papers regarding the AQuoSA project:

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2009-06-12

AQuoSA publications page updated

The publications page of the AQuoSA page has been updated so as to reflect more recently published research papers regarding the AQuoSA project:

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2009-06-12

Patched 2.6.29 binary kernel image

On the AQuoSA website, the kernel image and header .deb packages for the 2.6.29 vanilla kernel, patched with the Generic Scheduler Patch for AQuoSA, and the Bandwidth Fair Queueing (BFQ) patch, have been made available for download. The packages have been built on a Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 with a gcc 4.3.3.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2009-05-21

aquosa-qosres 1.2.0 for kernel 2.6.29 released

A new release of the AQuoSA resource reservation component
(aquosa-qosres-1.2.0) has been released and is now available
for download from the AQuoSA website:

The major enhancement in this release is constituted by the
compatibility with 2.6.28 kernel series and others, thanks
to the new Generic Scheduler patches that are now available
for download from the kernel-patches package (thanks to
Fabio Checconi and Dario Faggioli for their support in the
engineering and debugging of this new series of patches).... read more

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2009-04-29

AQuoSA QoS Manager v0.3.0 released !

The AQuoSA QoS manager (aquosa-qosmgr) v0.3.0 has been released, realizing adaptive reservations on top of the AQuoSA scheduler (aquosa-qosres). Go straight to the download section and try it:

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2009-02-08

First efforts to port on kernel > 2.6.23

Some work is now in progress in order to port the Generic Scheduler Patch (GSP) and the whole AQuoSA Framework toward the new architecture of the Linux kernel scheduler, introduced in Linux 2.6.23.

First tests we have been able to perform has given satisfactory results; hopefully a version of AQuoSA suitable for the newest kernels available on will came soon.

Posted by Raistlin 2008-09-22

New AQuoSA qosres 1.0.0-rc2 released.

This release mainly adds compatibility with x86_64 platforms, and compiles against just linux headers, instead of requiring the entire kernel source tree. Also, there are various minor fixes.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2008-01-04

Binary Debian packages for patched kernel available.

New pre-compiled binary packages are available from the kernel-binaries AQuoSA subproject. Packages have been generated for the 2.6.21 and kernel versions, for Debian, Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty) and Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy) distributions, and for i386 and amd64 architectures.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2007-12-29

Generic Scheduler Patch for 2.6.22 is out

The Generic Scheduler Patch for the 2.6.22 and kernel releases are now available for download from the kernel-patches AQuoSA subproject. Tests for the stability of the aquosa-qosres component with the new patch are still under way.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2007-12-22

Porting to 64-bit architectures.

The CVS version of aquosa-qosres has been successfully compiled on an AMD 64-bit architecture.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2007-12-21

New version 1.0.0-rc1 of aquosa-qosres released.

The first candidate stable release of aquosa-qosres (1.0.0-rc1) is
out. Check it out following the "SourceForge Area"
link from the AQuoSA website:

This release fixes a few configuration issues and minor bugs, and introduces the possibility to reserve a certain amount of spare bandwidth in the supervisor configuration (useful for adaptive reservations).

As usual, any comments or suggestions of improvements are of course welcome.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2007-12-07

New kernel patch gs-2.3 reseased.

This new patch embeds a gensched versioning mechanism by Dario that resembles the kernel native one. This way, it is possible to identify at compile time the gensched version found into the kernel.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2007-09-12

AQuoSA Monitor 0.3.0 released

A new version of the aquosa-monitor Gnome-based tool for management of CPU reservations is available for download from the Sourceforge area (aquosa-monitor-0.3.0-2.14.3.tar.gz).

Thanks to L. Palopoli and M. Ceschi from University of Trento for having contributed a set of new features in this release:
* Now it is possible to enclose threads (besides processes) in a reservation
* There is one more tab now, to graphically manage servers and tasks enclosed within. With simple drag and drop operations it is possible to move processes or threads across servers.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2007-09-03

New AQuoSA qosres 0.6.1 released

This release introduces a couple of flags useful when creating servers. If QOS_F_PERSISTENT is enabled, a server is allowed to exist beyond detach of the last task. If QOS_F_SOFT is enabled, a server tasks are scheduled by the Linux default scheduler/policy, when outside of the server reservation.
Also, various stability issues in destroying servers have been fixed, also thanks to a new release of the generic scheduler patch for the Linux kernel (gs-2.2).

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2007-05-25

New AQuoSA qosres 0.6.0 available.

The new release uses a further version of the kernel patch (gs-2.1), so be sure to also download it from the kernel-patches package.
A run-time check has been added to the module so that it does not load if the kernel is not patched with the appropriate patch release.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2007-05-19

New AQuoSA qosres 0.5.1 available.

A new minor revision of the AQuoSA QOSRES component has been released. Due to the discovered and fixed bugs, we recommend everyone to download this instead of the previous 0.5.0 version. Also, a possible issue with versions of the gcc lower than 4.1 has been solved in the standard provided configuration.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2007-05-05

New AQuoSA qosres 0.5.0 available.

A new release is available for the QOS RES module of AQuoSA.
In this release, code has been completely refactored, in order to be more maintainable and allow an easier development of the additional features (persistent servers, fast default server, soft reservations, ecc...). Task dispatching mechanism has been redesigned and uses a new kernel patch. Instead of the fake task state that caused the scheduler to ignore the task, now the task is removed from the runqueue when the server exhausted budget.
Just go straight to the download area of the site and try it. Don't forget to download the new kernel patch as well.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2007-04-22

AQuoSA acronym reshape.

Eventually, the acronym for the project got its final form: Adaptive Quality of Service Architecture, dropping the older one: an Open Quality of Service Architecture. This has been done in order to highlight the importance of having feedback-based scheduling components in the framework (to be released soon), what primarily distinguishes this project from similar ones on the web.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2007-01-17

New member in the team.

Fabio joined the AQuoSA team, eventually. He is going to integrate a new approach to the low-level mechanism of resource reservations into the Linux kernel, which is much more invasive than the previous hook-based approach, but possesses native support for SMP platforms.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2007-01-13

Binary archive of the AQuoSA Gnome Monitor released

A precompiled binary archive of the AQuoSA Gnome Monitor has been released. The archive contains all needed Gnome/Gdk/Gtk libraries. This allows people to easily try the program, even if they do not have the latest versions of such libraries installed onto the system, without any need to upgrade them.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2006-10-27

AQuoSA Monitor binary archive released

A precompiled binary archive of the AQuoSA Monitor v0.1.0 has been released. The archive contains all needed Gnome/Gdk/Gtk libraries. This allows people to easily try the program, even if they do not have the latest versions of such libraries installed onto the system, without any need to upgrade them.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2006-10-27

AQuoSA monitor 0.1.0 released

The AQuoSA project now features a wonderful GUI for managing
CPU servers and processes attached to them. The program is based
on the well-known gnome-system-monitor, and adds the capability
of complete management of CPU servers (creation of new servers,
change of parameters at server-run-time, deletion of servers).

The program is at its very first release, but as it evolves, it is expected
to become a quite powerful tool for helping tuning of server parameters
for AQuoSA enhanced applications, as well as for helping system admins
(or experienced users) to tune parameters for possible system components
wrapped into servers. Also, note that it is possible to use the command-line
equivalent programs "qres-wrap" and "qres-reserve" included into the
aquosa-qosres component, but these are more suitable for automated
set-up of CPU servers through scripts (e.g. init.d scripts).

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2006-10-14

Website updated with experiments

Check out the new documentation->experiments section, featuring a simple experiment comparing the standard Linux scheduler against AQuoSA, and discover how the AQuoSA framework manages to respect timeliness guarantees of real-time applications.

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2006-10-06

AQuoSA qosres-0.3.0 released.

The new 0.3.0 release of the Resource Reservation module (qosres) comes with the support for multi-task servers enabled by default. This feature allows to place a set of threads and tasks into a single server, thus allowing to reserve a minimum guaranteed fraction of the CPU to them, as
well as to restrict the maximum CPU fraction allowed to be subtracted to the system.

Among others, the application rt-app.c is included within the qreslib test utilities, which is a simple application used to highlight how real-time applications that would not be able to execute timely with the standard Linux kernel, may execute correctly taking advantage of the AQuoSA

Posted by Tommaso Cucinotta 2006-09-27

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