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About WS.Reputation.1

A user posted a review that the WOL Agent installer triggers a warning from Symantec about "WS.Reputation.1". This warning can be triggered by new software that is not digitally signed.

While WOL is not new (it is over 10 years old now), the WOL Agent is new software, and it is not signed by me.

Anyway, I spoke with Symantec and they are immediately removing the WS.Reputation.1 flag from the Agent installer. The next Symantec update should not flag any problems with the software.... read more

Posted by BasilDane 2014-04-12

2.7.5 Release, minor stability improvements

Version 2.7.5 is released. This build has some very minor stability improvements. The Listener function had no error handling, but it does now.

Another common complaint is the confusing error Conversion from string "&H" to type 'Byte' is not valid. This occurs when trying to wake-up a host when no MAC address was set. WOL now displays a proper error message about the missing MAC address.

In the rare event of a full program crash, a crash dump is written. This is mentioned in the documentation under Troubleshooting.

Posted by BasilDane 2013-10-25

Finnish language translation

I'm happy to announce that 2.7.3 is released today, featuring the Finnish language translation.

Posted by BasilDane 2013-06-03


I just released version 2.7.2, which has an Auto-Update feature. It checks for updates every 7 days - automatically. It also checks immediately if you open the "About box".

The "auto-updater" subprogram is coming along nicely, and it has some Russian translation in it, but I haven't had time to write or test in other languages yet. Please report any issues.

There are also some very minor interface improvements.

Posted by BasilDane 2013-04-18

Fixed a bug in Setup

There was a bug in setup 2.7.0 that tried to download the wrong version of DotNET 4.0. This is now fixed. Also cleaned up some issues with online help. Version 2.7.1 is ready to go.

Posted by BasilDane 2013-03-17

Online help is here

I have completely rewritten the online-help for WOL. The help is available on the web site and in the program.

I have deleted the Wiki, as it was too limited and difficult to maintain. Going forward, the new home page is http://aquilawol.sourceforge.net. This will be kept up-to-date.

The big news in version 2.7.0 is the new Subnet-Directed-Broadcast capability, and a bug fix in 2.6.5 that caused WOL to fail in networks that were subnetted other than

Posted by BasilDane 2013-03-13 Labels: Help

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