Shannon -jj Behrens

Aquarium is a framework for creating highly-dynamic, custom Web application in Python. It offers convenient libraries, tight integration with Cheetah, adaptors for various Web environments, and a convenient approach to Web development.

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  • svk

    svk - 2015-05-27

    I want to information about to create I18N using Aquarium. and how to create a po file in python Aquarium -cheetah. can you please give total information. to how to create po and mo files

  • Shannon -jj Behrens

    Hi, @svk, Aquarium's support for I18N is completely based on gettext: https://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/. You can use gettext to create .po and .mo files. Once you understand how to do that, Aquarium can pull them in. I think there's a setting for where it looks for those files. The source code is well documented if you get stuck. Sorry there isn't more documentation on this. However, there's lots of documentation on gettext.


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