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"JScript Logic" game has real-world aspirations

We've all heard the rhetoric of politicians on TV; those 15-second sound clips that are, as Shakespeare would agree, "full of sound and fury, signifying nothing".

Actually, those carefully chosen words are all very logical. If nothing else, they provide an insight into what our leaders consider good decision-making. Combine their guidelines with a few facts, and in a perfect world, the conclusions will simply reveal themselves.... read more

Posted by vo1stv 2009-01-31

JSPuzzles registered at Freshmeat.net

With the release of JSPuzzles8.html, the objective of carrying a project through to its beta release has been met. No further development is planned for this particular stream of software at the present time.

Focus now will switch to medical applications of JavaScript, the full description of which is beyond the scope of this news release.

Posted by retired 2003-11-21

JSPuzzles7 released under Academic Free License

Starting with JSPuzzles7. htm, the Academic Free License will be used as the preferred license for releases of JavaScript code. More information on this and other licenses is available at:

Posted by retired 2003-11-13

Solve logic puzzles with JSPuzzles6

Solving logic puzzles has just become a little easier thanks to the power of JavaScript. JSPuzzles6.html, (hosted by SourceForge.Net) allows the user to enter clues from logic puzzles and automate the task of filling in the solving chart.

Better documentation for the code is promised within a month. In the meantime, logic puzzle enthusiasts with JavaScript knowledge are encouraged to experiment with the application. Feel free to enhance the program to solve more sophisticated puzzles.

Posted by retired 2003-10-19