#375 crop command causes artifacts

Dan W

crop command causes artifacts along left and top edges

tested with: aqsis vase.rib -crop 0.33 1 0.5 1

this clearly shows error however artifacts are caused with non specific
crop values

artifacts only ever along top / left edge

top / left edge must be cropped and crossing geometry


  • Dan W

    Dan W - 2009-08-17
  • Dan W

    Dan W - 2009-08-17

    bug present on the following tested versions:

    1.5.0 (current repository version)

    using win32 (XP sp2)

    1.4.2 installed from binary installer package
    1.5.0 downloaded from gsoc respository

  • Ricardo M

    Ricardo M - 2009-09-12

    It seems is working with current repository version. (Tested in ubuntu)

  • Chris Foster

    Chris Foster - 2009-09-28

    I can confirm this bug with the latest repository version; the artefacts look oddly like the geometry has been mirrored in the first row of pixels or something...

  • Chris Foster

    Chris Foster - 2009-09-29

    This bugs seems to be something to do with the filtering code: it's only present when the filter width is exactly an even integer. So if I have a crop window in conjunction with

    PixelFilter "gaussian" 4 4

    I see the bug, but with widths of 3.9 3.9 or 4.00001 4.00001 the bug goes away!

  • Chris Foster

    Chris Foster - 2009-10-03

    This one is fixed as of 809e878bf2c58bd2d76b2cc6bfcc3671029f8b79.

    The artifacts were due to incorrect filtering. There was a bad interaction between the bucket overlap caching and "rendering" of buckets which were fully outside of the crop region: The sample region of a bucket could be reduced in side due to application of a cache from a non-rendered bucket, and then reduced in size again due to the crop window. This meant that some samples required for filtering were not present at the top and left edges of the crop window.

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