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apugg 0.8 Released

apugg 0.8 is now available for download from the files section.

It includes several new features and other changes:

  • Simplified API that hides the Server object.
  • Extensible API (addition of new plugin types is done through inheritance).
  • Exceptions are now thrown on all errors.
  • Unicode support has been removed on Windows. See this comment.
  • Plugins implemented in the host application (i.e. statically linked) can now be accessed through the API.... read more
Posted by Alex 2013-07-31 Labels: release

Release date for apugg 0.8

Planned feature list

  • Support for host-local plugins
  • Support for adding plugin types
  • Better documentation
  • Same API over multiple platforms
  • Revamped versioning system
  • Hide Server class from user
  • Cross-platform file names

Planned/Projected release date

The due date on the 0.8 milestone in the tracker has been set to Wednesday 31 July 2013, however this may change.... read more

Posted by Alex 2013-06-02

apugg 0.7.1 released

apugg 0.7.1 (0.7 hotfix #1) is released in the files section of the website, and under the git tag 'v0.7.1'.

The release notes and a complete list of new features can be found on the wiki page or the pre-release announcement.

It can be downloaded from the 'files' tool above.

Posted by Alex 2013-05-14 Labels: release 0.7 linux windows hotfix

Hotfix #1 for 0.7

In a few days, Hotfix #1 for apugg 0.7 will be released. It will be version 0.7.1, and will fix the following bugs only:
* [#27] Memory leak in Kernel
* [#28] New get pugg version method
* [#24] Add 0.7 to history

This hotfix will be pushed to the branch 'hotfix_0.7_1', and from there merged into develop and release_v0.7. The merge commit on the release branch will be merged into master and there tagged as 'v0.7.1'.... read more

Posted by Alex 2013-05-09 Labels: release 0.7 linux windows

apugg 0.7

apugg 0.7 is released in the files section of the website, and under the git tag 'v0.7'.

A complete list of new features can be found in the wiki page.

Posted by Alex 2013-04-18

Apugg 0.7-alpha out now!


Today apugg 0.7 alpha is released.
It includes many exciting new features:
* Linux support
* Updated documentation
* Refactorisation
* Support for multi-platform extensibility
* Unicode support is improved

Go check out the files section to get it!

Posted by Alex 2013-03-18 Labels: 0.7 release linux windows

Example code

After a week of refactoring, documenting and rewriting code, the new example is online!!!

It is an 'Animal' plugin in the examples/animal directory of the source release.

Happy Pugging!

Posted by Alex 2012-07-06