aprsdigi-3.5.1 released

Announcing N2YGK's Linux aprsdigi-3.5.1. September 2012

Release 3.5.1 of N2YGK's advanced APRS digipeater is now available for
free under the terms of the GNU Public License (GPL) at

This release has no new features in the base code from aprsdigi-2.4.5 as the APRS
protocol and aprsdigi code have been stable and operating in production on
a number of digipeaters for many years. However, a number of packaging and documentation
updates have happened:

Added in 3.5.1:

  • As usual, the version number has been updated to match the Linux kernel release that
    Aprsdigi has been built and tested against. (The code actually hasn't had to change since
    kernel 2.4 when ax25 stuff stopped changing.)
  • Minor source code changes for netax25 include files no longer required.
  • Updated the RPM SPEC file to build aprsdigi for use on Fedora Core 17 or similar systems.
  • Replaced SysV init script (/etc/init.d/aprsdigi) with systemd unit files.
  • Added some example configuration files and description of how I build APRS digipeaters
    in ./examples
  • Documentation here of 2.4.5 changes that weren't documented at the time (shame on me):

Added in 2.4.5:
- Updated the man page for the "--long" command line options.
- Fixes SIGUSR1 only working once (bug 916083 reported by KE2LJ)
- Updates to the TODO list

Posted by Alan Crosswell 2012-09-23

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