Has anyone experienced a problem with 2.2.0 not sending messages to RF?
I have a serious problem on igate.miaprs.net and elansing.miaprs.net, both IGATEs have latest 2.2.0 compiled on them and michigan.aprs.net has two copys for two TNCs running on it. 
Problem is that when ever anything comes in to go to RF it is appended correctly to rf.log, but watching local RF it NEVER goes out!
I sat in my driveway as messages and NWS weather warnings came through and watched RF.log grow via 802.11b connection, but I watched APRS on RF with an HT and it never saw any of the messages sent.
I also watched the transmitter, NOTHING.
To test that TNC was correctly set to convers mode, I stopped APRSd and used a terminal program to test, it was in covers mode, first thing I typed went to RF.
This is a MAJOR problem, as both my IGATEs are thus receive only, please advise and HELP!  Same happens on all three implementations of 2.2.0.  I did not see this problem back when I ran 2.1.4
Mike Wolthuis