No traffic after connect

  • Tate - KA7O

    Tate - KA7O - 2001-06-28


    Using 2.1.4.vk3sb.2 on RedHat 7.0. (2.2 kern)
    New install of RedHat and aprsd
    On startup - everything looks OK. netstat -an shows 'connect' to whatever  hub (1st, 2nd or 3rd and the one  I-gate (aprsd_DEN)  that's setup. But there' s *no* traffic passed, ever. Left it for 30 minutes. netstat still shows connect, sniffit shows no connectin (?). Tried Dales origional 2.1.4, vk3sb.1 (which used to run on this box) - all the same.

    Using Redhat 7.1 on a different box, everything works like I expect (and it used to on the 7.0 box before I waxed the drive and re-installed everything from scratch).

    I expect it's either a setting (no firewall in place, nothing in hosts.deny...) or something that should've been installed that wasen't

    I'm *WAY* open to suggestions! I'm about to wax it all to null and re-install 7.0 again - just to see if it'll work. Any constructive ideas welcome


    • Brian D Heaton

      Brian D Heaton - 2001-06-30

      Just wanted to make sure it's still working for you.  (saw your messages on aprsd-users)...


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