Fedora Core 5 and above - compile fix

  • Tate - KA7O

    Tate - KA7O - 2006-10-23

    May well be common knowlege to some, but had me baffled for a bit, so thought I'd share.

    1. Ensure you've the gcc++ 3.2 compatability libraries and all installed. It's the 'legacy software development' group.

    2 when you run ./configure, include CXX=g++32, like this:
    ./configure CXX=g++32

    I don't have it 'online' yet, but it compiles and runs on my devel box (FC5 fully updated). Now, to try the CVS version and try that.

    • Tate - KA7O

      Tate - KA7O - 2006-10-23

      Nope - didn't work with the CVS version. (23Oct06)


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