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Sorry for the delay

Hi Gang (if anyone is following this)

I got VERY sick at the beginning of the year, and I'm just catching up on life. Once that's done, I might be able to get back to this.

We need some coders besides myself

Posted by KG2V 2009-04-06

First Source Uploaded

The source for the MapDraw and Edit Map List admin projects are up on line. They should be a good place for people to start.

With luck, the main program should be on line sometime today (paying work depending)

Posted by KG2V 2008-10-13

Project Startup

This is KG2V, the guy who got suckered into supporting APRS-SCS ( and I mean that in a good way ).

I hope to be uploading the project the the SVN repository this weekend, and I'm hoping that I get a few people to help me, be it as a developer, a tester, or just a plain old user

The goal is first to get the main line VB6 client cleaned up in prep to move to VB.NET. There are a few "Old Control" OCXs that need to be replaced, and I want to get rid of all the old gosub and goto commands before the attempted port to .NET... read more

Posted by KG2V 2008-10-10