#24 simultaneous software installation

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Would be nice to have - allow users to install several apps at the same time and not to click each one needed: by putting a check mark on the left and clicking "Install selected", which will install them in a required order.


  • nabber00

    nabber00 - 2010-11-06

    This can be complicated based on how you want to download/install. All packages can be installed manually so that isn't a problem. The problem occurs when you want only the latest version of software installed, but it isn't available as an automatic install, so should an older version be installed instead (if available) or should it be skipped completely? Basically the "Choose a version dialog" should be bypassed for this mode right? Or should we prompt the user for what version of everything to install as well? Or maybe just warn that certain packages can't be automatically installed automatically and skip them?

  • nabber00

    nabber00 - 2011-06-29
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  • nabber00

    nabber00 - 2011-06-29

    This has been added to svn r931. You can use it by holding ctrl or shift to select multiple lines in the table. I opted to have the "Choose a version" dialog continue to pop up for each install. If you need that to go away please open a new feature request including the desired behavior and/or option.

  • nabber00

    nabber00 - 2011-06-29
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