Problems with Appupdater

  • William Huber

    William Huber - 2007-12-24

    I have been playing with this program this week. It looks promising for those of us who use open source programs on Windows PCs and like to stay up to date. I think I have found a few problems. The GUI version looks a little raw so I opted to use the command line version(0.8.1).

    1. I have Autoit, Notepad++, Synctoy, and Winmerge on my PC. Appupdater says it supports these applications but it did not find them during the update process. Is there a way to tell it where to find these programs?

    2. My first "upgrade" recommended upgrading QuickTime, Flash Player, and Powerpoint Viewer. I let it install all three updates. The QuickTime installation installed some shortcuts but it did not install the program. When I clicked on the shortcuts it told me QuickTime was not installed. I ran the QuickTime update from the cache and it is working now.

    3. The Flash player update installed the player but not the ActiveX component. I found this out when I went to the Adobe site to confirm the installation. I ran the ActiveX update from cache.

    4. I get a downloading versions.xml warning during the update process. I guess this is normal since this is a warning and everything else works.

    5. When I perform the list process, I get duplicate program entries for Java, Windows Media Player, and Windows Messenger. I guess I am a little surprised that Windows Media Player and Windows Messenger are on the list since I think they are supported by Windows Update.

    6. When you run the available process it lists old versions for several programs, Appupdater, Notepad++, Pdfcreator, TortoiseSVN, etc. Pdfcreator and TortoiseSVN were updated recently.

    • nabber00

      nabber00 - 2007-12-25

      1. It only detects "known" versions, most of the recent versions of
      software (within the past 6 months) should already be in the database.
      Version information for "unknown" versions is automatically sent back to
      me for future inclusion.  Also it could be you have these installed in
      non-standard places and Appupdater just isn't looking there.  You can
      set SEARCH_DIRS in the config file to find them there.

      2. I've never seen that before or gotten any other reports of that.

      3. So the Adobe website says you have an older version installed, or
      none at all?  Did you restart Internet Explorer before checking?  Was IE
      running while the upgrade occurred?  That may have caused the install to

      4. Exactly, this is normal, I need to leave it in there for backward
      compatibility for a while a yet.

      5. You have duplicate versions present on your system.  I think Windows
      Media Player and Windows Messenger updates are optional from Windows
      Update. Basically, if you setup your system to automatically install
      Windows Updates, this only applies to the critical updates, so I felt
      these programs needed to be included in Appupdater since these upgrades
      are not automatically handled by Windows.

      6. When new releases come out, I need to know about them!  Very
      difficult to follow the 50 or so apps and then "package" and test each
      one for deployment.  As mentioned in 1. if enough users install new apps
      I'll see them show up, otherwise you need to let me know if you realize
      I'm missing something.  Then I also need to make sure the download works
      properly along with the install commands.

      Appupdater is always deployed via the autoupgrade process a little after
      the real release (I'm hoping to do so this week) to make sure any bugs
      are ironed out first.



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