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  • Jörg Sawatzki

    Jörg Sawatzki - 2008-07-08


    I am playing around with appupdater a bit to see if we can use it for our high school students' usb sticks.
    First of all: Thanks for the good work!
    Nevertheless, we will have to modify the sources to e.g. add some columns in the QT GUI to suit our needs.
    So, I downloaded the source code and extractet it....all the tools mentioned in the BUILD file are installed, appupdater runs perfectly from source.
    Now, I want to use py2exe.bat to build a package.
    First problem that appears is that PyQT4._qt is missing.
    I fixed that by modifying py2exe.bat:
    %PYTHONPATH% -OO py2exe --includes sip

    Now I am running into the following problem (see screenshot):

    Rough translation of the error message that pops up:
    "The command in '...' refers to memory at ''. The procedure 'read' could not be executed on this memory."

    Any ideas? Suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!


    • nabber00

      nabber00 - 2008-07-08

      Hmmm, I'm pretty confused on that one.  You may need to create your own setenv.bat file and set the paths accordingly if you haven't done that.  Line 275 of reads:

      options={"py2exe" : {"includes" : ["sip", "PyQt4._qt"]}},

      That should be grabbing the modules you are missing, but it looks like for some reason that isn't working for you.  You have PyQt installed of course?


    • Jörg Sawatzki

      Jörg Sawatzki - 2008-07-10

      Hey Neil!

      Of course I have. As I already said, the whole thing runs perfectly if I start the python interpreter with!
      The parameter is set correctly....and PyQt4._qt is found as well.
      But I get this stupid read error when it is copying the run_w.exe....I really don't know why and I have no idea how to debug that.
      I tried to copy this file manually and that's no problem (I first thought the hard disk might have bad sectors or something like that).

      So far...


      • nabber00

        nabber00 - 2008-07-10

        Which version of Windows are you using?  Could it be a file permissions issue?  I've never seen or heard of anything like that before.

    • Jörg Sawatzki

      Jörg Sawatzki - 2008-07-11

      I am working on a windows 2003 server. I don't think that it is a file permissions issue, as I have administrator rights....


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