GnuPGInterface Python module

Ant Bryan
  • Ant Bryan

    Ant Bryan - 2008-04-15

    I just came across this, wondering if it could be integrated into metalink checker or if it'd be worth it. almost no metalinks contain signatures, (& even less do it "correctly") but it wouldn't hurt to push the envelope & test things out sometime.

    also might be cool to start tracking gpg4win or gnupg.

    • nabber00

      nabber00 - 2008-04-15

      Funny I was just looking into how to integrate PGP into Appupdater.  I came up with the following options:

      1. pyme, a wrapper for the gpg C library

      2. Revive in the pycrypto project,

      3. GnuPGInterface as you mentioned.

      So the interesting thing is with 1) it is actually C code so it would need to be compiled for each platform, etc.  Good news is Python can probably do this for us if python is installed on the system (python install).  pyme would become a dependency to use the crypto functions in Appupdater (it is included with Linux distros like Debian).

      With both 2 and 3 the gpg program needs to be installed on the system already for Linux types, another form of dependency.  With Windows we'd need to distribute the appropriate binary with Appupdater or use Appupdater itself to install it (not recommended).  There are issues involved making sure these all "link" together properly.

      Will probably opt for the first option when it comes down to it for Appupdater.  I guess I could also sufficiently abstract things so that you could actually use any of them too.


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