Samuel Guidi - 2011-01-26


I installed Appserv 2.5.10 (Apache 2.2.8 / PHP 5.2.6) on a
server running Windows 2008 x64 Service Pack 2 and I
encounter a problem accessing to a PHP web application that
uses the session_start() function:

warning: session_start() :
o_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2)

This errors appears only when no users are logged on the
server. I suspect the issue is related with the load of a
user profile and with permissions/rights on the directory

The Apache Service runs as "local system". I tried to change
the permissions of the directory (everyone->full control)
and to run the Apache service as administrator but the
problem is still unresolved…

Could you please help me?

Many thanks and best regards.
Samuel Guidi