wb256 - 2006-11-02

Hi, sorry if this post is posted to the wrong place, I'm desperate since the real source of the problem is not helping in solving the problem, so I have to turn to the other involved parties for a solution.

I am using Appserv 2.5.1 and is developing a database application using the MySQL and Apache server. The phpMyAdmin also come in handy for my job. However, the incompetent people in Borland make my life very difficult. Their horrible DBExpress component is very fussy about the libmysql.dll version. I have gone through a whole lot of troubles to finally figure out what is the problem (Those people at Borland are of not much help here, and they are too lazy to set up a forum where users can communicate and help each others out in a way faster pace of their lame newsgroups). I wish I really don't have to use their product, but my company requested me to use their Turbo C++ Explorer (which is essentially a free version of BDS/C++Builder 2006 anyway). Well, sorry about my rant - I just can't hold it any longer >:(

The problem came from the version discrepancy of the libmysql.dll in the MySQL\Bin directory,  and the one in Windows\System32. The one in MysQL\Bin is 244KB in size, while the one in Windows\System32 is 228KB. After some users in Borland's newsgroup suggest to me to replace the file with same version one, which I did with copying the one in MySQL\Bin and overwriting the one in Windows\System32, I do manage to get the App to work (i.e. I can connect to the server and do things on the databases\tables)(originally, I can connect to the server, but cannot see any database or tables listed in the C++'s design tool or components - thus no way to access them). However, this action caused PHP to go crazy and failed to load - the error report suggest that there is something to do with the MySQL extension of PHP. I've searched around the net and could not locate any of those vaguely described "PHP-MYSQL package" suggested by the document.

So, what I'm trying to look for is, can the creator of this wonderful AppServ (It is, I've been trying to install all the components individually and believe me, it's very difficult to get them working together) please varify why is the two libmysql.dll have to be different (thus causing problem with the DBExpress thing which the Borland people are so reluctant to provide any help - probably because I'm using the free version of their *ahem* product), and, replacing one with another would cuase PHP to go crazy. I need both MySQL and phpMyAdmin to be working for my works (I seriously have to forget about getting help from Borland anyway). Oh, and by the way, Borland's DBExpress will never work with MySQL versions higher than 4.1.7 if I remember correctly (thus I'm using 2.5.1) - this is so since C++Builder 6 which is released since, like year 2000? This really shows how dedicated the people in Borland toward getting their job done and improving their works - it only worsen since C++Builder6, since the application actually worked in C++BUilder6 (I downloaded the trial version of C++B6 just to try out) and now it's not working in C++Builder2006. Bravo! 6 years to make things work worse, bravo.

Thank you and once again, please forgive my constant rant about Borland - their quality of product and services really left a seriously bad taste in my mouth.