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Sorry, I need to follow up on my previous posting, but I see it's closed. I have no problem getting AppleJack onto my hard drive from a USB memory stick. And I can mount it fine as well. The installing command that I previously sent to you brings up the installer, appears to install everything fine, writes a receipt that it was installed, but upon rebooting into the Single User Mode, AppleJack commands are not recognized. So it wasn't quite installed fully.

I tried the install command you had in the posting you referenced. (I confess, I'm not accustomed to working in the terminal, so this may be a basic question. If you could spell things out for me thoroughly, that would be helpful.) Once I have AppleJack mounted, am I supposed to type? . . .

installer -pkg 'AppleJack Distribution.mpkg' -target /

or am I to replace -target with my volume name.

I had a problem before that. When I typed the above, the terminal came back and said "installer command not recognized."

What am I doing wrong?



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I've discovered a few more things . . . the installation process that I posted earlier is actually placing the script "applejack.sh" in the proper place. But the file called "applejack.8" that's supposed to be installed in /usr/share/man/man8/ . . . well, it's not being installed when installing through the terminal. So I copied the file to my usb stick, went through the process of installing applejack via the terminal, along with copying the applejack.8 file from the usb stick to the proper place . . . but still, I get the same response "-sh: applejack: command not found" when typing "applejack".

    Applejack's documentation also states that the installer "modifies the root user's profile (/var/root/.profile) in order to create a friendly usage reminder message and alias at startup in single user mode." Not sure if this is happening with installation via the terminal.

    Any idea what the problem could be?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I was finally able to get the installer -pkg to work by typing

    /Volumes/"MY HARD DRIVE"/usr/sbin/installer -pkg "/Volumes/AppleJack-1.4.3/AppleJack Distribution.mpkg" -target /Volumes/"MY HARD DRIVE"/

    The installation was "successful." Unfortunately, only the applejack.sh script was installed. The applejack.8 was not, and I'm assuming, the root user's profile wasn't modified. After installation, I entered the Single User Mode, typed "applejack" and the it came back "command not found"

    I think I mentioned that I'm doing all this while booted from the Tiger DVD Installation Disk, if that makes any difference. It appears AppleJack's pkg installation only seems to work from the normal Finder. Am I missing something?

  • sduttonusa

    sduttonusa - 2007-06-15

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    I tried installing AppleJack on a laptop via the terminal after booting from an external drive, thinking that the problem was related to having a minimal system on the Tiger Install DVD . . . but I encountered the same issue. The installer placed the applejack.sh script in the proper place, but nothing else. The file called applejack.8 wasn't installed in /usr/share/man/man8/ . . . and I suspect that the root user's profile (/var/root/.profile) wasn't modified in order to create a friendly usage reminder message and alias at startup in single user mode.

    What is preventing AppleJack's pkg from fully and properly installing?

  • Kristofer Widholm

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    I got a chance to try out the latest AppleJack (in relation to installing via the
    Terminal). Success!! . . . using both installers. I've documented everything
    for the benefit of others. Here it is:

    • Put AppleJack on a USB Stick
    • Boot from the Mac OS Installation Disk
    • With the installer up, open Terminal and copy AppleJack from USB stick to
      your hard drive

      cp /Volumes/"YOUR_USB_STICK"/AppleJack-1.4.3.dmg /

    • Mount the .dmg file

      hdiutil attach /Volumes/"YOUR_HARD_DRIVE"/AppleJack-1.4.3.dmg

    • Run the update

      /Volumes/"YOUR_HARD_DRIVE"/usr/bin/open /Applications/Utilities/
      Installer.app /Volumes/AppleJack-1.4.3/"AppleJack Distribution.mpkg"


     /Volumes/"YOUR_HARD_DRIVE"/usr/sbin/installer -pkg /Volumes/

    AppleJack-1.4.3/"AppleJack Distribution.mpkg" -target /

    All commands are to be on one line before hitting enter. The backslash "\"
    key can be used to signify that whatever follows is to be taken literally. For
    example, you can use the backslash key to signify a space, as in Macintosh\
    Internal\ HD. One can also use quotes to deal with spaces: "Macintosh
    Internal HD". It's helpful to check the exact name of the AppleJack Volume
    that will be mounted from the .dmg file (as updates might introduce name
    changes). Available volumes can be discovered from the Terminal by typing
    "ls /Volumes".


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