#102 black screen


On a MacBook Pro 2.2Ghz Core 2 duo:
After I installed today's OS 10.6.8 update from Apple, the restart went fine. I then restarted in single user mode and ran applejack AUTO restart.
On that restart my screen was black. Anything about applejack that could cause that?
Computer seems to be running fine other than screen. Tried restart from Snow Leopard install CD, playing with brightness controls. Nothing.
I can see my computer's files when accessing it from another laptop via Airport.
Any advice?


  • Kristofer Widholm

    Rick, I'm assuming you've had several subsequent restarts after you reported this. Are you still having the issue?

    I've never heard or this and cannot replicate. Have you ever changed the startup screen with some kind of custom image file or such thing? My guess is, that since you ran auto as AUTO (deep clean mode) some of the deep caching removed some files that Mac OS X expects (I know, it's been a long-standing issue with Apple that they sometimes store "permanent" files in cache directories). This is why it's best to use AUTO (as opposed to auto) only when running into issues that cannot be resolved with auto. For example, you probably also lost your user icon in the login screen (easily reset in your system preferences).

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