AppleJack 1.4.2 bug fixes, improvements

I am quietly releasing version 1.4.2 of AppleJack this weekend. Next week I'll post the update to Macupdate and Versiontracker.

This version features the following fixes and feature improvements:
Recent Changes

1.4.2 +[Feature request 1214481]: When corrupt preference files are moved into the Preferences (Corrupt) folder they are now given the same path (directory structure) that they had in the Preferences folder, so a user can see where the files existed before being moved.

- [Bug fix 1025554]: Added an alias test to the preference file validator, so it will not identify aliases with .plist extensions as corrupt. (This had been a problem, for example, with BBEdit's "Recent Items" aliases. 
- AppleJack now correctly handles cases where a requested preference directory does not exist.
- [Bug fix 1214475]: Removed .xml files from the preference file check routine, except in the /var/db/SystemConfiguration directory (applies to 10.2 only).
+ Added checking of root preferences (/var/root/Library/Preferences).
+ Improved handling of background processes, but still a long way to go to get the interface perfectly clean.
+ In the virtual memory cleanup, added an option (in manual mode only) for users to delete their safe sleep image. (10.4.x only.) This will probably be rolled into a separate function in an upcoming release.
+ In the virtual memory cleanup of the application, added removal of working sets (in app_profile) to the virtual memory cleanup routines. (10.4.x only.)
+ Improved the user directory listing. It grab directories from NetInfo instead of from just doing an `ls` on the User directory. This might yield extraneous entries (especially entries for system daemons etc.), but is cleaner than guessing at different end-users' folder structure.
+ Improved the handling of the built-in commands to always use the ones in the /bin or /usr/bin directory, if available. This should help alleviate problems due to user-installed custom commands by the same name as well as custom aliases to those commands.
+ If startup options are incorrectly entered, AppleJack now reports back correct usage rather than just ignoring the startup options (Thanks Charly).
+ Standardized exit codes to conform to ideas in /usr/include/sysexits.h
Posted by Kristofer Widholm 2005-12-29

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