AUTO-mode skippes user cache.

  • Piero Giobbi

    Piero Giobbi - 2008-09-18


    I would like to add a feture when running in AUTO mode; to also delete users cache. I just tried the AUTO first, then rebooted and manually checked option 3, selected the user and there was a lot of caches there..

    Just a wish..


    • Joerg R.

      Joerg R. - 2008-10-20

      At first let me thank you for releasing a leopard version. Live has become beautiful again. ;-)

      My point of view:

      I am the admin. That machines are not private property. It´s my job to touch their accounts. Private stuff is not allowed on that machines anyway. Even private passwords are forbidden.

      In real life the users call me to mess with their accounts anyway, since their accounts /are/ the problem. I never had problems with the system caches, but the users ones are br0ken often. Especially fonts…

      So, me and my users really would like not only to have user cache killing in the auto mode - we also would like an option to do that automatically every morning at startup. ATM we us a script that completely removes all */caches-Folders in the whole system, but I really would like to be more careful.

      I don´t see tools like onyx in that position for „reral admins“. I don´t want to click a billion of buttons and „yes, I am sure“ and kill/change system components while fully logged in in a gui that actually USES that components.
      AppleJack is, in fact, my only tool for maintenance.


    • donmontalvo

      donmontalvo - 2008-09-18

      That would be very awesome.

      • Kristofer Widholm


        How do you guys feel about an admin being able to mess with users' files by default? I've shied away from implementing this as I think in general minimal invasiveness should be preferred--especially since caches in user accounts don't tend to inhibit startup and boot sequence; they come into play at login. If a user has a problem logging in, then it would be the right time to clear the user cache, check user preferences, etc.

        I still think this is the way to go, since I don't want AppleJack to do more than necessary to help get the computer up and running.

        But if a lot of people feel like you both do, perhaps I should reconsider, in which case I think there's already an open feature request item in the tracker which could can add your voice of support to.


        • Piero Giobbi

          Piero Giobbi - 2008-09-25


          I see what you mean with the integrity of the user. When i use AJ i would say that 9 out of 10 times i got problems in the users folder, Cache in perticular. Its about Safari getting slow, broken Java-caches, fonts etc.

          I also feel that getting the Caches out of the way eliminates that potential problem when searching for problems.

          My 2c.


          • Kristofer Widholm

            I see your point. However, I also feel the need to limit the scope of what AppleJack is for. I see it primarily as a tool to help get a computer up and running that is having severe (start up, booting) problems. I don't see it as a maintenance tool. There are lots of programs for that (cocktail, onyx) all of which do that much better and nicer than AppleJack can.

            If you are really concerned about regularly cleaning out users' cache folders, I would set up a shell script to run on a monthly or weekly cron cycle that would clear out their caches.

            I'm very focussed on keeping AppleJack targeted towards one specific task: troubleshooting a non-booting computer. If I tried to make it do all the work a sysadmin might want to do, I would never be able to maintain it, and it would lose the simplicity which it has right now.

            • Piero Giobbi

              Piero Giobbi - 2008-09-27

              Yes, thats sounds reasonable, point taken.

            • donmontalvo

              donmontalvo - 2008-10-04

              I wouldn't mind at all if Applejack cleared all user caches. It would save my having to clear user caches via cron, or font caches at logout. -Don

              rm -Rf /Users/$1/Library/Caches/*
              atsutil databases -remove

    • donmontalvo

      donmontalvo - 2008-10-04

      > I wouldn't mind at all if Applejack cleared all user caches.
      > It would save my having to clear user caches via cron,
      > or font caches at logout. -Don
      > rm -Rf /Users/$1/Library/Caches/*
      > atsutil databases -remove my comment regarding running these commands via cron. Always best to run at logout using a hook...or using AppleJack!! :) -Don


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