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  • thomas_u

    thomas_u - 2011-06-07


    I just bought into the Apple Developer Program and installed the latest Lion
    Preview on a separat partition. So I could start testing. I gave it a quick
    shot but the AJ 1.6 installer refuses the OSX 10.7 partition.

    Does anyone have the skill, time and energy to start working on AJ 1.7 with me
    as tester?



  • Steve Anthony

    Steve Anthony - 2011-06-10

    Hello Thomas,

    Could you try grabbing the Applejack script from http://applejack.cvs.sourcef
    and running it directly in
    Single User Mode*?

    *In Single User Mode, go to the directory where you saved the file, for example:

    cd /Users/[i]your_username[/i]/Downloads

    Then, make sure the script is executable with

    chmod +x

    Finally, run the script using the command


    Tip: Hitting Ctrl+c will kill the script if it hangs, returning you to a



  • thomas_u

    thomas_u - 2011-06-10

    Thanks Steve. I´ll give it a shot come Sunday.



  • Frank

    Frank - 2011-07-03

    I have a little programming knowledge but am willing to help in anyway I can
    for Lion development. Let's try and roll the Lion version out a little faster
    this time. If that means $$$, manpower, or just plain will, whatever it takes
    I have made sever donations over the years because THIS FREE PROGRAM HAS SAVED
    And I am sure there are a few more out there like me as well. But let's not
    forget the fact that it still takes resources so PLEASE SUPPORT THIS IN ANYWAY
    YOU CAN !!
    Systems Admin
    4 Xserves 50 Clients
    6 ipads, & 12 I-Phones

  • Anonymous - 2011-07-09

    I'm in for supporting the development as well, I'm not a programmer but I'd be
    willing to help in any way.

  • Steve Anthony

    Steve Anthony - 2011-07-20

    I posted this to the applejack-report mailing list, but for those who don't
    subscribe, I'm cross posting this here:


    As you may or may not be aware, Apple has mandated the creation of a ~655MB
    "recovery" partition as part of a Lion install/upgrade. This partition
    replaces the functionality of the traditional OS X install DVD, providing
    access to Disk Utility, Terminal, etc. What this means is that much of the
    reason for installing Applejack may no longer exist. Given a Mac with Lion
    that won't boot, users will immediately have the option of booting to the
    recovery partition and performing operations like clearing caches and fixing
    disks and permissions using OS X tools in that recovery area.

    As such I wanted to solicit YOUR input - do you think a Lion compatible
    version of Applejack is still needed? Is there a use case you can imagine
    where Applejack would be more helpful than the Apple recovery partition? Do
    you plan on actively removing the recovery partition?

    Thanks for your input and time,


    • Phillip M Jones, CET

      Yes one thing that Recovery Disk does not have a way to clear the swap Files there is no known utility that exist to do this other than AppleJack

  • Anonymous - 2011-07-20

    in my opinion the lion recovery partition does replicate much of the
    functionality of AppleJack however I do believe applejack's simple,
    streamlined and single user interface is a nice easy way to jump right into
    the tools vs the recovery partition. I need to read more on Lions built in
    partition and recovery mode but I'm not sure that the partition is created on
    existing macs(I was under the impression its on all the new macs released
    today and moving forward)

  • Joerg R.

    Joerg R. - 2011-07-21

    This is a stupid feature in company. I don´t need a zillion recovery
    partitions in an environment that supports netboot or where a „rescue drive“
    is always here. And last but not least I don´t want to give away 640MB from an
    expensive SSD drive.

    While testing I installed Lion on two partitions of a USB disc, and now it
    contains two(!) recovery partitions.

    Plus, I haven´t tested what happens if I retry to resize the partition, since
    now the recovery partition is in it´s way.

    I would see this partition as a good feature for home users. However, those
    people use i.e. Onyx anyway. I´d like a cent for every time I heard „Wow! Now
    it is completely broken!“ when just booting into single user mode. ;-)
    So, yes, I absolutely see a future for applejack as the pro-tool it had been

  • martbabs

    martbabs - 2011-07-21


    I too am really concerned that I will be forced to add unnecessary partitions
    to my expensive SSD drives on my 12 iMacs. Only experience will tell if we
    will be able to delete this partition. Please develop a new version of
    Applejack. I will be happy to make a financial contribution as always. Thanks
    for a wonderful piece of software. Martin

  • Steve Anthony

    Steve Anthony - 2011-07-21

    Thanks for the input everyone, I upgraded my computer to Lion today and
    started working on Applejack 1.7. So far it looks like Apple has changed
    Single User Mode and the services much less since Snow Leopard than they
    usually do between version of OS X. Consequently, I'm cautiously optimistic
    that we should be able to get the update done much faster than it took to do
    Applejack 1.5 and 1.6!


  • Anonymous - 2011-07-21

    perhaps its easier to make it a script that you can use while in recovery mode
    via terminal instead of single user mode.

    I have no knowledge of programming so if that sounds stupid disregard.

  • Joerg R.

    Joerg R. - 2011-07-22

    Deleting that partitions should not be too difficult, I already saw the
    commands in the web, but didn´t test. You erase the volume and then combine
    the partitions - both are options of the „diskutil“ command.

  • Steve Anthony

    Steve Anthony - 2011-07-27

    Good news, I updated the Applejack code so that it runs on my iMac in Lion.
    Just emailed the update to Kristofer for review.

  • golf25radioman

    golf25radioman - 2011-07-28

    As noted by some, AppleJack is a great utility. I too look forward to its Lion

  • Gyges

    Gyges - 2011-08-08

    Looking forward to the Lion version as well. Pro's of Applejack vs the
    recovery part from Lion for me are the auto-mode, speed and simplicity.

  • Anonymous - 2011-08-18

    I also look forward to AppleJack working with Lion, it's the first thing I
    suggest people stick on their new Macs =D

  • AnonymousCoward

    AnonymousCoward - 2011-08-22

    Since the lead developer seems to take months to update AppleJack, I propose
    we fork AppleJack into a project that is more actively developed, no real
    changes, just put someone (or a couple people) in charge who will test the
    code on Developer Previews and have an updated version ready when the major
    updates drop. While I respect the work the lead developer does on AppleJack,
    either update the software or mark it as legacy and move on, don't leave users
    guessing if you will update it or not.

  • AnonymousCoward

    AnonymousCoward - 2011-08-22

    And to be clear, I would gladly step up, learn more BASH, and fork the project
    myself, but I'm simply too busy with law school. I'm not going to start a
    project and leave everyone hanging like some people.

  • Anonymous - 2011-09-18


    I ran a clean install (not a system upgrade) of 10.7 Lion and then used the
    "Migration" to grab my app installations from the 10.6.8 Snow
    Leopard installation I was using previously. Apparently it also migrated my
    AppleJack 1.6 installation.

    Not paying attention to what I was doing while using the machine (Mid-2010
    White MacBook 2.4GHz 7,1) I decided to run AppleJack 1.6 like I do normally
    (at least once monthly), using the command

    applejack AUTO restart

    after safely booting into single-user mode.

    Immediately after doing so I realized my folly, I was running this software
    that is untested on the OS X 10.7.1 Lion system, crossed my fingers and let it
    complete realizing It would probably be worse to try and interrupt it once
    underway. To my surprise, it completed all tasks as far as I could tell
    without issue and was waiting patiently for me at the Lion login screen when I
    returned. I've been using it for a full day now with no noticeable issues or

    Perhaps this information could prove useful for development of a 10.7.x
    compatible version of Applejack. I will backup my system as is, install a RAM
    upgrade, boot again into single user mode and try the (optional) Memtest suite
    I usually install as well to see if the memory and Memtest work as expected. I
    will also run AppleJack again using the command (without quotes)

    applejack AUTO restart

    after safely booting into single-user mode and determine if any tests had
    issue, did not run, or cropped up any errors.

    If there is a log file or the like that I can submit that would help, please
    let me know. With my system backed up, I won't mind being a bit more cavalier
    about seeing what happens running AppleJack and Memtest on this OS untested.
    Please let me know if there is any other ideas of what I can do help out this
    seriously awesome project and software.

    moreese11 AT g mail DOT com

  • Simon Barnett

    Simon Barnett - 2011-12-03

    Although Applejack reports an error fixing permissions, then skips it, this
    doesn't seem to be recorded in the log.

    It's probably excessive, but I still use it in Lion after running:
    • MainMenu (a general maintenance / optimization utility similar to Onyx,
    MacKeeper etc.)
    • CleanMyMac (slimming app - seems to hit caches that are missed by MainMenu)
    • Recovery Partition (for ResetPassword's reset ACLs - launched by typing
    "resetpassword" in the Terminal).

    Is it really that difficult to update Applejack to Lion's permission script?
    (it would be for me, but code is something I'm only capable of re-using, not

    Applejack log
    ********** * AppleJack 1.6, Revision: 1.144 * * Copyright (c) 2002-10 Kristofer Widholm, The Apotek * Fri Dec 2 21:33:02 SAST 2011. Gathering information... - User ID: 0, NAME: root - OS Version: 10.7.2 - According to dynamic_pager, virtual memory is located at /private/var/vm. - Local root filesystem is journaled This version of AppleJack supports only Mac OS X versions 10.4.x and above. It's advisable to not use it unless you absolutely have to. For Mac OS X versions prior to 10.4.x, please use AppleJack version 1.4.3! AppleJack will repair disks in 10 seconds. Disk repair Success! Either your disk had no errors, or it was repaired successfully. Done with disk repairs -0- AppleJack will repair permissions in 10 seconds. Permissions repair - All supporting services appear to be loaded. Permissions have been repaired. -0- AppleJack will cleanup cache files in 10 seconds. Cache file cleanup Let's mount the startup file system for write access...
    Checking for /tmp directory:
    /tmp directory exists.
    Removing system cache files:
    Done removing system cache files.

    Done with cache file clean up task.

    AppleJack will validate preference files in 10 seconds.
    Validating preference files
    Root file system already mounted. Continue.
    Checking mach init preference files (/etc/mach_init.d):
    Done. -0-

    Checking root preference files (/var/root/Library/Preferences):
    Done. -0-

    Checking system preference files (/Library/Preferences):
    Done. -0-

    AppleJack will clean up virtual memory in 10 seconds.
    Virtual memory cleanup
    Root file system already mounted. Continue.
    Removing swap files:
    Exiting the script.

  • Simon Barnett

    Simon Barnett - 2011-12-03

    ps. to bypass the installer restrictions I installed AppleJack to Lion
    installation using Pacifist.

  • Anonymous - 2012-01-17

    To answer the question of its use :

    • I have a main computer (mac pro) with an internal software raid (3x3TB striped working disk + 3x3TB striped fast backup and scratch).

    In any case when you use a software raid config three distinct Apple apps
    refuse to work :

    • Boot Camp
    • Recovery Partition
    • Find my mac

    SO, sadly, for us software raid users, we do have to go back to a DVD or
    external partition for recovery and system checkup.

    Applejack has long been my main tool to do so. If only I could use it again in
    the future...



  • skab

    skab - 2012-01-30


    Could you please put the updated script in CVS here or simply upload it
    somewhere or post a diff? I'd like to complete my Lion installation with
    AppleJack ;-)

    And yes, it's still a very valuable tool. The recovery partition is all but
    mandatory, I installed Lion on another drive and then cloned the system with
    Carbon Copy Cloner, so, no recovery partition at all. Would be a waste of
    space anyway (yes, RAID array ;-))

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