Snow Leopard!

  • Frederick

    Frederick - 2009-06-30

    Hi, guys.

    Yep. I love Applehjack, but now I have the SL beta. Would 1.5 do to fix it, or must I wait?

    I just have a problem with connecting with my airport after doing a virus scan (And the scanner crashed!) Now I am screwed. Tried deleting apps and preferences, but no dice.

    Have you looked at SL yet to prepare for Applejack 2?



    • Steve Anthony

      Steve Anthony - 2009-09-02

      I should have a copy of Snow Leopard to start testing with on Thursday Sept. 3rd. From my experiences with the later pre-release seeds, Applejack 1.5 as is will not run - mainly due to the lack of a case in the code for handling a system which reports itself as 10.6. The good news however, is that unlike 10.5, not a whole lot seems to have changed in Snow Leopard, and as such it should be much more straight forward to update.


    • Steve Anthony

      Steve Anthony - 2009-06-30


      When I tried running Applejack 1.5 in an early seed of SL (several months ago) it ran without error, but I haven't had the opportunity to try in a more recent seed. As to whether or not 1.5 would work with SL now or in general, there are simply too many factors to say with confidence, "yes it would work", or "no it won't".

      If you're feeling adventurous, running it and providing the log and seed version number, or just telling us if it fails would be helpful for anticipating any update we might need to make for 10.6 compatibility. Thanks!


      • Kristofer Widholm

        Echoing ultramathman's response. I have had no chance to test it out, and probably will not until Snow Leopard is officially released. If you feel up to the task of testing us, and care to post your experience, that would be appreciated, but please have a backup first.

        • Alan Ackerman

          Alan Ackerman - 2009-08-31

          Snow Leopard is now released. Any information about AppleJack compatibility?

  • Arthur Carter

    Arthur Carter - 2009-09-15

    Anyone got Applejack working with Snow Leopard yet?


  • Jack Bray

    Jack Bray - 2009-09-18

    I did. All I did was reinstall it from the "Applejack
    Distribution.mpkg" which I had already sitting on my hard drive. I did
    this after upgrading my OS to 10.6 from 10.5.8 and not being able to get
    Applejack 1.5 to work. I did not even try to remove the old Applejack 1.5.
    Seems to be working fine! If you don't already have the package on your hard
    drive, download it from Applejack's web site!

  • Arthur Carter

    Arthur Carter - 2009-09-19

    Sounds encouraging. I'll give it a try.

    Anyone else try installing Applejack on 10.6.1?

  • Hone Melgren

    Hone Melgren - 2009-09-19

    ERROR! The markdown supplied could not be parsed correctly. Did you forget to surround a code snippet with "~~~~"?

    @ maccarter & pierrehobbit  
    I wouldn't  
    Currently only Repair Disk , Clear Cache , Validate Preferences & Cleanup
    Virtual memory work.  
    You can't repair permissions with it or clear cache & validate prefences
    for a specific user.
  • PAD

    PAD - 2009-10-04

    Is there an update e-mail for Snow Leopard beta ? I'd be willing to take part
    in testing... I'll check back, Thanks for all your work on this great
    application !!!

  • Arthur Carter

    Arthur Carter - 2009-10-04

    I've had Applejack 1.5 on Snow Leopard 10.6.1 and, so far so good. As
    Honemelgren said, it only runs Repair Disk, Clear Cache Validate Prefs, and
    Cleanup Virtual Memory. It won't Repair Permissions. But, it runs fine at
    startup. Hopefully, we'll see an update with the full set of features soon. It
    is a uniquely valuable utility.

  • cavenewt

    cavenewt - 2009-10-06

    I just made a donation, hoping it will help toward a Snow Leopard update.
    Please, everybody who can, give a little something. Support free software by
    paying for it :)

  • Dave at

    Last I heard someone was working on a test version that's a bit closer with
    SL, is it available for download somewhere?

  • Kristofer Widholm

    We are testing a version for Snow Leopard. Stay tuned. My guess is that we'll
    have it tested enough for release by mid-June.


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