How to use AppleJack when Mac won't boot

  • RJ98

    RJ98 - 2012-09-06

    Hi guys. I just stumbled upon AppleJack trying to look for ways to fix a white
    Mac book that boots to only the initial gray screen. Only problem is,
    AppleJack isn't installed on the laptop, and it appears it has to be installed
    prior to running into problems.
    Has anyone thought of a way on how to use it from a boot CD or anything like
    that, that would help in my situation? I'm not even sure if boot CDs for Macs
    exist like they do for PCs to be honest. Thanks in advance, hopefully there's
    a way so i can see if AppleJack saves the day for this laptop.

  • Johann

    Johann - 2012-09-06

    Applejack must be installed prior to use on a boot drive. It can't be added
    to an install CD or DVD, either. Your options would include installing AJ on
    an ext bootable HD or bootable USB flash drive, or connecting to another Mac
    via FireWire cable using Target Disk mode.

  • wayne leverton

    wayne leverton - 2012-09-07

    Since I know very little, this is only an idea. You didn't say if your laptop
    will boot into "Safe Mode", I will watch for others to reply on this. .... IF
    you can boot to Safe Mode, then maybe you can get AJ to run with a restart in
    Safe Mode ?? ....... Just an idea, as I am dumber than the proverbial "box of
    rocks", but I do run AJ several times a month on my very old and wobbly Apple
    crate, because I am constantly doing something wrong, being a BOZO !!!

  • RJ98

    RJ98 - 2012-09-07

    Kinda a shame, as there's this from what I read great utility, but in all my
    years never even heard of it until after I had a problem and began researching
    how to fix it. Which means I, and assuming a lot of people, would never have
    AJ installed to begin with. IS there maybe a way to install it from single
    user mode or something?

  • Steve Anthony

    Steve Anthony - 2012-09-07

    Yes, it should be possible, but it's not really user friendly. You would have
    to download the file from the code repository (http://applejack.
    and put it on an external drive.

    Attach that drive to the Mac on which you want to run Applejack and boot into
    single-user mode. You'll then need to mount the internal drive read-write
    (it's mounted read-only by default) and mount the external drive (this may
    require loading some of the low-level services Applejack normally handles for
    you. I haven't tried it, so I don't know which ones).

    Finally, you would have to issue the command to copy the file
    from the external drive to the internal drive and reboot (back into single-
    user mode). You would then use the chmod command to set the exeutable bit on
    the file. At that point you'd be able to run Applejack by
    invoking directly.

    Like I said, possible, but non-trivial.


  • RJ98

    RJ98 - 2012-09-07

    Thanks for the steps. that's pretty intense! but think i might be able to do
    it. Too bad this hasn't been automated for those who never knew of AJ before a
    crash, like me. Think that would make it more usable to the masses.


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