#4 Import of binary file does not set address in file header


Import of binary file does not set address in file header.


  • OZ_Rhett

    OZ_Rhett - 2004-03-24

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    It is worse than that.

    When you export a binary file, the resulting .DUMP file does
    not contain the start address or length.

    If you are trying to move a binary between disks, e.g. in my
    case I was trying to move from Unidos to DOS 3.3 formats,
    then the binary file won't run.

    You MUST save the start address somehow. It *IS* part of
    the overall binary file.

    As you point out, when trying to enter a start address via the
    Import dialog box, it does not get written to the file (just a
    pair of 00 00 bytes)

    I think this makes the priority more like a 9 (showstopper)

    The only way I've figured out to work around this is to hack
    the resulting DSK file with a binary editor (in my case
    MultiEdit) to put back the correct start address once I've
    viewed the source data in Raw format within
    AppleCommander. Of course, this is a huge pain in the
    backside, especially when trying to move lots of files across.

    Let me say that I think AppleCommander is a really neat
    program. I'm still not 100% sure why you chose Java
    (platform independence with a GUI I guess).

    What development environment (complete list of software)
    are you using ? I was thinking about trying it in Borland
    JBuilder X (free download of their Foundation version), but
    want to know what I'm up against before I get too seriously



  • Robert Greene

    Robert Greene - 2004-03-28
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Robert Greene

    Robert Greene - 2004-03-28

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    I *was* going to suggest you try the raw disk format... but
    that is crashing my JVM. So, you're definately correct on

    I chose Java since that is what I've been developing with for
    quite a while - plus it's cross-platform. It has given me some
    experience with the SWT windowing toolkit also. I've been
    swamped with work and life so haven't had a chance to get
    back into it lately...
    I've been using Eclipse to develop AppleCommander. It hooks
    directly into CVS, so if you want the play with the code,
    download it. Better yet, give Eclipse a whirl!

  • John B. Matthews

    • status: open --> closed

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