#12 Transform editor not working in 3D hack


After installing updated plug-ins for v208 the transform editor will no longer work in v206_3D Hack it comes up with an error and I am unable to do any work within the program. I have to use my task manager to end the program. I also can not save parameters in v206 3D and v208. See attachment for error code.


  • Lennette McCoy

    Lennette McCoy - 2008-10-24

    error screen shot.

  • Peter Sdobnov

    Peter Sdobnov - 2008-12-08

    This error text doesn't mean anything for me :-|
    But I suspect you got some registry values corrupted (happened mostly with 2.08 beta 1 version), in any case try deleting "HKCU\Software\Apophysis 2.0\Forms\Editor" registry key.

  • Lennette McCoy

    Lennette McCoy - 2008-12-08

    It was happening to some of the other people that are using the program. We found that if we placed versions 2.06 3D hack and 2.08 into two separate folders and then the updated plug-ins in the v2.08 folder only that both programs would operate without any problems.


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