#27 Higher DPI Render Options


Using UltraFractal to render Apo flames at print
quality dpi (eg. 300 dpi) is problematic.

Enhancing the Render dialogue box with these and
associated parameters should be a priority if
Apophysis is to be taken seriously by graphics
professionals and artists (like myself).

Anti-aliasing features would be good too!


  • Piotr Borys

    Piotr Borys - 2006-02-01

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    Hmm, you mean calculating rendering resolution from a given
    physical width/height and printing resolution (dpi)? You
    know of course, that you can set dpi as you want, unless
    it's rendered with a proper pixel resolution, right?
    As of antialiasing... it's in ;) it's called differently,
    but it is there. You can handle it with 'oversample' and
    'filter radius' parameters :)
    But, those dpi calculating would be a good idea, just a nice
    handy time-saving issue :)

  • Peter Sdobnov

    Peter Sdobnov - 2006-03-15
    • priority: 5 --> 1
  • Peter Sdobnov

    Peter Sdobnov - 2006-03-15

    Logged In: YES

    Using UltraFractal to render Apo flames is weird ;-) and I'm sure UF isn't very compatible with the latest Apophysis features.

    IMO a graphics professional and artist (like yourself) must know that "dpi" means nothing *inside* the computer. If you need higher RESOLUTION - just set this resolution in the 'Render dialogue box' :-)
    Another question is, will you have enough RAM to render all this? ;)

    So, IMO these dpi calculating will be a good and handy time-saving idea only after we'll get something like 4 Gb of RAM in our machines :-)


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