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Apophysis 2.08beta 2 - Undo file bug

  • tealeaves

    tealeaves - 2009-06-09

    I have been using Apo for quite some time now. When I opened the program today and began to work in it, I began having a problem. When hitting the undo button, my current flame I am working on reverts to a flame that I had saved previously, on a different day.  I checked the program folder and located an 'apophysis.undo' file, and opened it with notepad. This showed an undo history of approximately 3 flames. The same flames that I get today, when clicking the undo button.  I have tried to delete the history and save the file, but I get an error that I  cannot save the file.

    Can anyone suggest a remedy, or tell me how to reset the undo file?

    Thanks in advance :)

    • TulipVorlax

      TulipVorlax - 2009-07-20

      If Apo was open when you were trying to save, this is not a bug, it's normal; you can't write over a file that is in use.
      If Apo was closed, try rebooting, dont open Apo before changing the file.


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