2.06 coloring/ rendering times

  • vaerli

    vaerli - 2007-07-04

    I can't seem to get any color into my fractals that I'm creating with the new betas. I even tried the new 2.06b. All I get for my color is middle one set in the gradient. Mutating it does get multiple colors into the mix, but then it throws off my design...

    Is there any way to fix this so its like it was in the last beta version? 

    Also, I've noticed that rendering is taking much much longer than in the last version too. A usual 5 quality render is taking around five times longer.

    Any way to fix that too?

    • Tupungato

      Tupungato - 2007-09-24

      I also have this problem. Randomly generated fractals have multitude of colours, but new flames have only the middle colour of the gradient...


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