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Apo 208/2063DHack,Save parameters

  • OldyGoldy

    OldyGoldy - 2008-10-12

    Save parameters & save all parameters is not working in my installed versions of Apo 208 Beta2 and Apo 206 3DHack.
    Rendering to disk in any file format works OK.

    Does anyone have similar experiences ?

    • Lennette McCoy

      Lennette McCoy - 2008-10-24

      I'm having the same problem. I'm also getting an error code when I try to open the editor that says "access violation at address 004BFD6 in module 'Apophysis206_3Dhack.exe'. Read of address 00000041'

    • OldyGoldy

      OldyGoldy - 2008-10-26

      I don't get an error code, but the lower dialog textbox of the Save All Params is not accessible (greyed out).
      Also, when having run a random batch, say of 4 flames, only the first one can be saved with "save param" function (as opposed to save all params), The rest cannot be saved at all, also not by saving them one by one.
      I have plenty of free disk space (+60 Gb),I have cleaned out the registry to ALL apo refs, and then tried to run 2063Dh and 208 Beta2, but the problem persists.
      I you come up with a solution, please let it be known through this forum ?
      Thanks, OG


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