Best CPU for Apophysis

  • gregory

    gregory - 2006-12-18


    I 'm currently running Apophysis 2.05 on a modest P4 2.4 with 1.25 Gb & Windows 2000 Pro.
    Planning on buying a new desktop PC.  Which is better for Apo, a Pentium D 930 or a Core Duo 6300?  Or an Athlon 64x2 4600+?
    I'm not a fan of the latter, and everything I've read suggests the Core duo 6300 runs faster than the PD--- I'm having a hard time
    believing this.  Any help/advice will be much appreciated.  (I only use my computer for rendering artwork in creative/art apps.)
    Thanks in advance.

    • Piotr Borys

      Piotr Borys - 2006-12-18

      I've never ran Apophysis on DuoCore, but I assume it will be better than PD for it, as Apophysis can make use of those 4 parallel threads :) Just make sure you set proper options.
      And as I am not a great fan of amd, neither... ;) so I would say: Pentium DuoCore. Take it as my opinion, but not tested.


      • gregory

        gregory - 2006-12-19

        Thanks, Peter.
        I'll aim for a Core 2 Duo 6300.


    • Sven Geier

      Sven Geier - 2007-08-24

      For what its worth: I'm running Apo on a Core 2 Duo T7600 @2.33GHz (with 2GB of memory) It's pretty nice. Just be careful with the multi-treading: if you allow Apo to go 4-fold, the UI becomes slow as molasses and nothing else on the computer will work if you're doing a render-to-disk. I usually bring up the task manager (Ctl-Shift-Esc) and set the priority for the apophysis task to "below normal" *Before* I start a render (this will make almost no difference as long as the computer is idle, but will allow Windows the necessary cycles to continue to respond to what you're doing...)

    • TulipVorlax

      TulipVorlax - 2008-12-23

      I have and AMD 64 X2 (Dual Core). I used the multithreading option of Apo at first but only to test it out while i didn't wanted to use the computer. Today i generally set it to run single threaded while BOINC is also running and i check the new Low priority boxe in the render Windows so i can still use my computer for other tasks. My renders take just a few hours as i have 3Gb of ram and set limit to 1024Mo (it render in two parts). I do many renders per day on my computer but also on my laptop.


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