Compiling Ap 2.08 3D Hack on a Windows 7

  • Anonymous - 2011-03-10

    Hey people. I'm trying to run Ap. 2.08 beta 3D Hack on a 64 bit Windows 7.

    I tried downloading the executable file a lot of times, but without success. The checksum didn't match.

    So I decided to compile it by myself. But now, when I open the project, it says that some TXmlScanner was not found, thus not compiling.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    thanks in advance

  • Georg Kiehne

    Georg Kiehne - 2011-03-11

    To compile Apophysis successfully, you need a few extra components. Look into the about box to see which. I think its PNG for Delphi, Easy XML Scanner and the (commercial by now) AtScripter component.

    However, Apophysis 3D should run just fine on every Windows since XP (including Win7x64) - if you still have problems, you may use Apophysis 7X (forgive me the shamelessness, project admins =D)


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