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Cannot render flames

  • Daniele Calisi

    Daniele Calisi - 2006-11-18

    Hi... I downloaded version 2.05, when I try to render to disk or export, the renderer hangs, or says an "access violation" message (and I cannot close Apophysis!)

    • Daniele Calisi

      Daniele Calisi - 2006-11-19

      I found that disabling multithreading, everything works

      • Piotr Borys

        Piotr Borys - 2006-11-20

        What OS version do you run? Is it Win98 or WinME?

    • Guy Montag

      Guy Montag - 2007-01-06

      Disabling multi-thread remedies the large render & full-screen conflicts.


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