• Amelea

    Amelea - 2007-03-04

    Hello! I love 2.02 so I decided to try the beta today. I'm getting the hang of things, but I feel pretty stupid because I can't figure out why my renders have white backgrounds.

    While I'm working on the flame itself, the background is black. I've checked my presets and they indicate black. Once I render, the background turns white and my flame looks... less than nice.

    I'm sorry for posting such a newbie question, but I'm getting really frustrated with it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Piotr Borys

      Piotr Borys - 2007-03-04

      Are you rendering to PNG? And turned alpha channel on? This way your flames have a transparent background (not white). Try opening them in IrfanView.

      cheers, Peter.

    • ZenTen

      ZenTen - 2007-03-15

      I'm having the same problem, except when I render as a .png, it is a flattened file with a black background. How to I turn alpha channels on? The earlier 2.0 version always rendered with a transparent background.

      • Piotr Borys

        Piotr Borys - 2007-03-15

        The option is in Options -> Display -> PNG Transparency.

    • ZenTen

      ZenTen - 2007-03-17

      That option is only in the beta version 2.05, which has to be "installed" each time you use it.
      Version 2.02 doesn't have the transparency option in any of the menus...unless I'm just not looking in the right place?

      • Piotr Borys

        Piotr Borys - 2007-03-17

        errr.... what do you mean by 'has to be "installed" each time you use it' ??.... What are you talking about?...

        Apophysis 2.02 doesn't have such an option, it renders an alpha channel whenever you use PNG file.

    • ZenTen

      ZenTen - 2007-03-18

      Only the 2.05 beta version renders an alpha channel and lets you set the png transparency in it's Options menu. Version 2.02 doesn't have such a setting in its Options menu. I never had this problem with the older 2.0 version. It would always render a png with a transparent background.

      • Piotr Borys

        Piotr Borys - 2007-03-18

        As I said previously, 2.02 *does* render an alpha channel. It *does not* have an option for this, 'cause it renders it *always*, whenever you set an output to a PNG file.

    • ZenTen

      ZenTen - 2007-03-20

      What I've been trying to explain is the same problem that Amalea had--rendering to a PNG file in version 2.02 doesn't produce a TRANSPARENT background like it should. There's no way to separate the image from the background, which is black in my case. It produces a flattened image--there is no extra alpha channel that serves as a clipping path to separate the two--just the usual Red, Green, Blue, and composite RGB channels.

      • Piotr Borys

        Piotr Borys - 2007-04-09

        First: It *does* produce an alpha channel. Probably you are using some non-compatible viewer.
        Second: it doesn't matter ;) it's a so old version... why you are using it??....


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