jacob griffith - 2009-02-05

Ive been working on a light script, And as i play the script i get a message at the bottom of the Script Editor. The Message is as follows -

In the lowest text box in the Script Editor screen.
I have completed a Script in Apophysis before with success. This has happened to me before and i am unable to test the script to see if it gives me the effects i am looking for. I do have a Screen shot of the Script Editor. Also i am able to use other script, It is not letting me use the script i am working on at this time.

I have Apophysis 2.08beta2, And this only happens with a script i have written recently, It is not effecting the script i uploaded to my Deviant Art account, Even though i had to re-download it to my computer due to a loss of the Hard drive it was on.

If there is something i have missed in writing the Script i am willing to let a few others test the script so far in looking to see if the problem occurs to them.