Triangles editor bug

rems rems
  • rems rems

    rems rems - 2008-09-17

    Trying to modify the triangle, I cannot see the top part of the section right below the preview, is there any fix for that ? Thanks.

    • PeterB

      PeterB - 2008-11-23

      Hi, I'm just learning and have read a couple of tutorials and can see the tabbed triangle editor on these tutorials, but like rems2k, the tabbed editor below the preview screen in the editor is simply not there in either Apo 208Beta2 or in Apo 2063DHack, but it is there in Apo 202.   I looked in the Options and didn't see any checkboxes that might control this.  The entire list of variations does show below the preview screen, and it looks like the preview screen is hiding part of the variations list, so maybe the tabs are also hiding behind the preview screen.

      I also tried downloading both versions of Apo a second time just to see if this might fix it, and it didn't.  Also, I have both newer versions of Apo loaded in the same directory as the Apo 202.

      Can anyone offer any ideas about how to fix this?

      Thanks very much...


    • TulipVorlax

      TulipVorlax - 2008-12-23

      This just occured to me and now i can't do any apo pictures on my computer anymore.

      The thing is, i just buyed a new 23" LCD screen today and all the text on it was too small so i increased the DPI setting in Windows. For reference, you access that going : right clic on desktop > Properties > Parameters (or whatever is named the last tab) > Advanced button > there you are. I've set it to 120.

      I hope that help to fix this. It's very annoying but i can still use the laptop to do a few renders while i do others things (but the laptop already got many flames in it's own list of flames to render).

      But maybe i can find another way to make text of icons and menus bigger without altering the DPI...

      • Frank

        Frank - 2009-01-08

        Yes - I had a similar experience with this under Vista - changing the DPI to fit my ageing eyes made this application and some others hide some of their user interface components.

        I changed it back to standard, and used advanced appearance settings to enlarge default fonts and fonts sizes for various UI elements.

        • TulipVorlax

          TulipVorlax - 2009-01-08

          It's what i've done too but it doesn't have any influence over webpages that are difficult to read at time. Ok, browsers can zoom but...

    • Wynn Schaible

      Wynn Schaible - 2009-01-05

      Hello! I have a slightly different triangle editor problem. When I attempt to rotate or resize a triangle I get instead another copy of the opening window with a message in the grey border at lower left: "contains commands for working with files"
      These commands used to work but no longer do, and on two different computers to boot. Is anyone aware of software incompatibilities? Both computers are Win 98 with Firefox browser and Avast! antivirus.


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