• speedemon

    speedemon - 2006-05-29

    Well I just found your project through electricsheep.  I managed to get it running in Linux with Wine, and noticed it only uses 1 cpu when rendering.  Any plans to make it take advantage of more than one processor, or would that take a lot of work?

    • Piotr Borys

      Piotr Borys - 2006-05-29

      Well, the current version has the ability to use multiply threads, so it can use multiCPUs :) I don't know however, how it will work under wine... to check it out, go to Options, and find a "Threading" option (I can't remember now, how it's named exactly...). It's not super-stable for now, but it works ;)


    • Slumberland

      Slumberland - 2007-01-06

      Um... with all due respect to the casual reference that everyone makes to Apophysis being multithread with the correct settings.  Um.  What ARE the correct settings?

      I have set my dual system to

      and am yet to find any indication that it works.  My processor usage stays at a remarkably conspicuous 50%.  I even tried bumping the number of threads to 4 just to make sure it wasn't LAUNCHING 2 threads, but one of them didn't have enough to do.  No dice.

      It's not a CPU assignment issue because the thread that IS running ping-pongs between CPU0 and CPU1 in the usual WindowsXP way.  Any thoughts?

      The only way I can get 100% cpu usage is to use "fullscreen" mode, but at that point I don't have any reason to believe either:
      1) that the program suddenly recognizes my second CPU when I I click "full screen" but NOT when I click "multithread",
      2) the extra CPU usage isn't just additional overhead of switching to fullscreen mode.  I'm on a dual monitor setup with my primary display at 1920x1200.  I have encountered a number of applications that cause windows to start chewing up a lot of extra processor cycles when they take up the full real estate.

      Any thoughts?
      Is SMP working in a demonstrable fashion for anyone?

      [note: I have tried both version 2.02 and 2.05 beta with the same results.
      Yes I have read the help file.]

    • Piotr Borys

      Piotr Borys - 2007-01-06

      Well, I don't know. What I know, is that on my system smp works really well :) it utilizes both processors.
      hmm, what CPU do you own?

    • Slumberland

      Slumberland - 2007-01-12

      I have a pair of opterons 246.
      Nothing spectacular, but I cannot get SMP to work.
      Running 2GB DDR400 RAM; there is no bottleneck there.

      What version of Apophysis are you running?
      Have you made any tweaks other than selecting "multithreading: 2" from the "Options" menu?
      I know this sounds silly, but are you SURE that multithreading is working for you?  If you check in the task manager during triangle manipulation and rendering, it sustains a 100% workload on BOTH cpus?

      I have also verified that twe switch to "full screen" mode does not reduce render time one iota, even though it does manage to raise CPU usage.

      I've tried loading down the Transform Editor with triangles, then loaded those triangles with variations: no avail.  I have the stock download, no tweaks.  What could I be doing wrong?


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