Beta 2.05

  • LadyLyonnesse

    LadyLyonnesse - 2006-10-27

    I already have 2.02 installed and would like to add the beta version above. However, I have already tried to install this but when I tried to export a flame I got the message 'renderer does not exist.' Can you please give me instructions for installing 2.05?

    • Piotr Borys

      Piotr Borys - 2006-10-27

      Well, I think you have already installed it properly :) Why do you get this message is completely another question. Go to Options -> Paths and check what you have in the flame renderer path... it should lead to your flam3 installation.

    • LadyLyonnesse

      LadyLyonnesse - 2006-10-27

      Hello, Piotr,
      I checked the path and it is
      C:\Download\Kat's Downloads\flam3.exe
      the folder where my initial downloads go. Do I have to change this? If so, can you please tell me if I have to create a new folder in Apophysis or elsewhere?

    • LadyLyonnesse

      LadyLyonnesse - 2006-10-30

      I would like a response instructing me what I can do to fix this problem.

    • Piotr Borys

      Piotr Borys - 2006-10-31

      Well, I don't know where's your flam3 actually... your downloads is not the same where your flam3 installation is. First of all, you should have a file called 'flam3-render.exe', and not 'flam3.exe'. If you just downloaded flam3 package, you have to install it somewhere. Then take this exe file' path and put it into Apophysis options.

      By the way - your Apophysis is installed properly. Your problems are not with it, but with flam3 package, so go and ask flam3 people, how to install it properly.


    • Slumberland

      Slumberland - 2007-01-06

      A few clarifications:
      1) Before I had Flam3 installed, my copy of Apophysis had "flam3.exe" as the default path.  You do need to change that.  There probably is no file with that name in that location.
      2) Even if there is, you need to move it:
      In the install instructions for Apophysis, it directs you to unpack the flam3 files into, e.g.


      and NOT

      C:\Program Files\Flam3

      not because Apophysis won't look for it in Program Files (you can tell it to look anywhere you like), but because IT WILL NOT RECOGNIZE THE SPACE IN THE FOLDER NAME. So, even if you DO have a working copy of Flam3 called "Flam3.exe", if it's in a folder called "Kat's Downloads", Apophysis (probably) won't find it because there is a space in the folder name.

      Your Flam3 folder can be nested ANYWHERE, as long as each directory on the path is a DOS-friendly folder name.

      (This is Microsoft's own fault, by the way.  Windows sets the default installation of ALL programs to a folder location that most 16-bit programs cannot locate.  How many broken old Windows programs would have (and might still) run fine under win32 if they had just called the folder "Programs" instead?)


    • Piotr Borys

      Piotr Borys - 2007-01-06

      Hi Ryan,

      Just for a clarification: the current release, 2.05 beta 2 doesn't have any problems with spaces in flam3-render file location :) So you may keep it in Program Files, if you wish :)

      cheers, Peter.

    • Slumberland

      Slumberland - 2007-01-14


      I was just doing what the install instructions told me.  Honest.

    • a3dlover

      a3dlover - 2007-01-31

      I have 2.02 and 2.05 beta2
      is there a expected final date for a non expiring build?
      I was very happy with a custom build of 2.05 "Joel Faber's latest Apophysis hack"
      which could use images.
      I was very happy with the previous 2.04b which expired.
      is there any point at all to these expiring builds other than to frustrate
      those of us who are plenty happy with the it?
      Please re-release a stable non expiring build of 2.04 non beta.
      Other than apop being able to import images into the background
      or convert 3D meshes into fractals i cant see any reason for many more betas.
      i love 2.04b the way it was and thats all i'd like is 2.04 non beta version.
      If you want money for this tell me where buy please?
      A3DLover-everywhere except
      3dc member: bigblock383
      please re-release fixed i'll pay you for it $$


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