Trojan in Apophysis?

  • Windy

    Windy - 2009-03-01

    I have been running Apophysis for quite a while now, and am totally addicted. On the 27th of February my McAfee Antivirus decided to quarantine 2.08 beta, 2.06 and 2.05 saying there was Trojan called Generic! Artemis in them. Has anyone else had this issue. Any ideas about why and if there is in fact a trojan there? As you can guess I am not too impressed at this stage.

    • Aaron Reilly

      Aaron Reilly - 2009-03-23

      There is no trojan or virus in Apophysis. Unless you downloaded it from someplace other then McAfee is falsly classifying Apophysis. I don't use McAfee for issues similar to that, I use NOD32 and have never had a problem with my Anti-virus/Anti-spyware program telling me that a program I know that is good is bad.

      • Windy

        Windy - 2009-04-01

        Thank you for your reply, I did download it from Sourceforge, I also ran it through a site that had lots of AV programs check it. The only one that said it had a Trojan was McAfee ... I am so over them!

      • Windy

        Windy - 2009-04-24

        Thank you amgdust, sorry in the delay in getting back to you. I got the program from sourceforge so am not concerned. McAfee is starting to really get up my nose with the things it is quarantining ... I will definitely look at NOD as I have heard good things about it too.

        destinysolo are you suing McAfee also. I just go into McAfee Security Centre>Restore>Files select Apophysis and then select Restore. Apparently you can send the file to them for checking and then if they declare it to be ok then it will be added to your security checking file ... I forget what the name of the file is  (this I believe is done on an individual basis). I have not done this, I cannot be bothered jumping through their hoops, I have an automatic full system scan every Friday and I restore the files straight after that ... its a small nusiance but doesnt take that long. I woukld not suggest doing this unless you trust the file. I did however check the file with this very useful web site first to make sure that my file could be trusted in case it had got corrupted.

    • destiny solo

      destiny solo - 2009-04-24

      I just did a scan and I have the same thing...what should I do?


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